So put your Paws down and Come to Class!
MOVIN ON UP K9 Training

You'll work together with your Instructor to build a lifetime bond with your dog through fun and positive classes!
Nancy Creal/Auburn California
(Owner and Director of Instructors)
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Puppy Manner Classes
Week 1
  1. Introduction to Adolescent Dogs: Why they do what they do.
  2. Name Recognition – positive association with name.
  3. "Take it" cue– taking treats gently with a "soft" mouth.
  4. "Give" cue– relinquishing objects on command.
  5. "Sit" cue – shaping behavior and adding verbal cue/hand signals.
  6. "Cradle and Massage" – desensitizing your puppy to touch and handling.
Week 2
  1. "Gotcha" cue – allow handling of collar
  2. "Down" cue – shaping behavior and adding verbal cue/hand signals
  3. "Loose-Leash" Walking – learning to walk on leash without pulling, lagging
  4. "Wait" – pausing on cue (doorways, food bowls, treats)
  5. "Stay" – Learning to hold the sit and down position on cue
Week 3
  1. Positive reinforcement of cues (sit, down, wait, stay, loose-leash walking) through exercises and games.
  2. "Settle" – Dealing with the "Puppy Crazies" and learning to "chill-out" on cue
  3. "Focus" – paying attention to handler on cue
  4. "Leave it" – learning to ignore objects on the ground/animals
Week 4
  1. Moving to Heel Position ( "pass" and "around" cues)
  2. Recall – Learning to come when called.
  3. Positive reinforcement of cues through games and exercises.
Week 5
  1. Increasing duration for "focus" and "stay" cues
  2. "Heel" – learning to focus and walk in heel position.
  3. Manners: Learning to sit politely to be greeted, walking through distractions/crowds
  4. Problem-Solving: Barking, Digging, Chewing, Begging, Jumping
  5. Tricks and Treats: Learning fun tricks
  6. Safety
Week 6
  1. Review the Cues
  2. Positive Reinforcement of "Heel" cue
  3. "Survivor Obedience Challenge"!
  4. The Next Step: Discussing options for continued training
  5. Graduation!

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