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You'll work together with your Instructor to build a lifetime bond with your dog through fun and positive classes!
Nancy Creal/Auburn California
(Owner and Director of Instructors)
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Therapy Dog Program
Does your dog love people? Can you imagine her greeting the sick and elderly in a nursing home?

Ever watched your dog's kiss bring tears to someone's eyes?

Ever watched someone hold onto your dog's face and not let go?

What would it be like to listen to a child read out loud for the first time, just because your dog was near?

What would it be like to see a car accident victim walk faster to his aide's delight just so he could pet your dog?

Our classes will prepare your dog for the Therapy Dog Control Evaluation Examine. By the time you graduate, your dog will be safe and trustworthy, no matter where you go.

Our instructors and certified examiners are themselves registered LOAL participants, with active visiting therapy dog teams.

Pre-requisite: Basic obedience or equivalent. This class is for socialized, trained dogs that already respond to basic obedience cues in a public setting. They should not have a history of fear or aggression. They should be able to walk without pulling and sit and lie down on command in the presence of other dogs. They should be capable of an off lead sit/stay and down/stay. This is a preparatory class for dogs ready to begin work in a therapy dog setting.

No puppies, please.

If you are interested in therapy dog work, but your dog is untrained or less than twelve months old, please consider our Basic Novice Class.

Therapy dog graduates are strongly encouraged to participate in regular visits and complete the AKC ThD title.

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